MTV Anything For Love rings in 2022 with tasks that will make your eyes pop!

Still deciding your new year plans? Fret not, because you can try out some super-fun activities with your partner or best friend that will give you that rush of adrenaline. You could possibly try out Belly Mation, a new dance form or indulge in activities like complicated yoga poses, eating spicy food challenge or even a headshave! For Inspiration, tune-into the New Year special episodes of Anything For Love which are inclusive, unconditional and daring. Here are the top moments from this weekend’s special episodes airing Saturday and Sunday at 7pm, that you must watch!

1) Agniva & Pryanjul’s stronghold message to break the misinterpretation of LGBTQIA+ community
Participating pair Agniva & Pryanjul share a heartwarming story of hailing from a small town where people have blind faith in the depiction of the queer community in Bollywood movies. They go on to mention that their reasons to participate in Anything For Love is to break stereotypes & myths related to the LGBTQIA+ community and to spread the right message.
2) Deep & Aradhana get Varun grooving to “Belly Mation”
The dynamic duo Deep & Aradhana steal the limelight as they introduce fellow contestants & Varun Thakur to a rare form of dancing, “Belly Mation”. Varun tries to shake a leg with the couple that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats and in splits!
3) A permanent tattoo on national television!
The Risky Chakkar has no chill! Stakes are elevated as Deep gets the dare of getting a tattoo with the initials of his partner Aradhana. He agrees and the viewers go ballistic as they see a permanent tattoo being engraved on national television! Now that’s dank!
4) A love story over Dandiya that will now endure the test of long distance
Inclusive couple, Angelique and Kattyani spill the tea about a filmy moment when they fell in love over Dandiya and reveal that their participation on Anything For Love is the last day they’re spending together. But here’s why… Kattyani will move to Germany the next day for her studies! Hope their love can survive the challenges posed by the distance as it can surely surpass the challenge of eating spice as Angelique eats the world’s hottest chip on screen for Kattyani! We totally stan them!
5) A Couple whose faith could not triumph over the Risky Chakkar
The Risky Chakkar can either make or break a relationship. In Sunday’s special episodes, viewers will witness couple Nikhil & Yasha who couldn’t go through with the dare of the risky chakkar. Nikhil was asked to shave his head off for Yasha and he declined, leaving doubts about the strength of their relationship as viewers watched the moment in shock. 

~Watch the New Year special episodes of Anything For Love, Saturday & Sunday at 7pm on MTV India~
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